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Friday, August 24, 2012

Can Zero-Based Models Restore America's Auto Industry?

"The Great Cadillac Hope" reports today's New York Times is General Motors' newly introduced ATS model, described as a completely new, from-the-ground-up engineAuto_on_lift_with_mechanicering effort as opposed to the redesign of an existing model.  The subhead says that "a Smaller Model Aspires to Be a World Contender."  Interesting, because this morning after I played tennis at a Westchester country club, I looked at the different makes of the 11 cars in the parking lot.  Only one was made by an American company, and that car was a Ford.  The others were by Cooper, Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Hyundai, and BMW.  Not a single Cadillac in what might once have been a sweet spot for America's preeminent brand.  Perhaps zero-based engineering is what GM, and other U.S. car companies, need.

-- Jeff Bogart 

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Might Crowd Sourcing Help Media Companies? 

"Sikorsky hosting second entrepreneurial contest," Helicopterreports the
Fairfield County Business Journal in its recently begun "News at Noon" digital edition.  Although the news story doesn't indicate, the first must have been successful, since Sikorsky is following through with its second crowd sourcing event. So, how come troubled newspaper and other media companies don't hold entrepreneurial contests of their own, and on both the editorial and advertising sides?  Perhaps crowd sourcing might help the media industry find some new ideas for escaping their continuing predicament.  

-- Jeff Bogart 

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