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Opinion & Market Research

“No one does complex interview research as well as Jeff Bogart. He's smart, charming, a skilled interviewer who generates relevant, insightful knowledge and opinions. I've been doing this for 30 years and have worked with hundreds of researchers - and in my experience Jeff is in a league of his own."  --Founding Partner, Marketing Services Agency

Custom opinion research, including design, execution and interpretation of in-depth, qualitative, open- and closed-ended surveys of carefully selected audiences.  For use in market research and in public/investor relations program development and evaluation, as well as in preparation of capabilities brochures, presentations and other strategic materials.  Draws on over thirty-five years of communications experience. ■

“The investor relations survey has been successful beyond our earlier expectations.  The results of the program enabled us to focus on a wide variety of assumptions that we had made concerning Wall Street perceptions of the Company.  We were able to plan a rational course of action based on confirmation or dismissal of concepts that we had speculated on for many years.  Thank you for your good work..”  -- Damson Oil Corp.

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